Purple Orthodox Tea Bags

Rich in Antioxidants

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Alstar Purple Tea is a special tea variety only found in Kenya. This extraordinary, rare and most fascinating tea is named after its distinctive, purple- reddish leaf pigmentation associated with very high presence of anti-oxidants called Anthocyanin. 

Purple tea is much more superior than Green and Black tea due to its higher medicinal properties. It is believed to be a mighty health-boosting antioxidant and has ability to track down free radicals in the body that causes terminal diseases.

Anthocyanin is known to fight chronic and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, inflammation, depression, hypertension and neurological ailments. It is known to reduce weight gain due to anthocyanin’s high potency to oxidize fat cells. The tea has anti-aging properties and it increases energy in our bodies thus is also sex stamina booster.

When brewed, the tea produces a full-bodied flavor and aroma with a delicate golden cup which turns light purplish when lemon juice is added to the liquor. Kenya tea is pesticide free.



Use one teabag of the purple tea per cup. Put in a brewing cup. Add freshly boiled water and allow it to brew for 3-5 minutes. Stir and enjoy. You may add lemon for flavor and color. Do not add milk.


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