About Alstar Limited

Founded in September 2008, Alstar limited is a women owned company incorporated in Nairobi Kenya. The company was registered to provide capacity building in Agriculture sector specializing in Ethical and Fair Trade Practices, Environmental Management Systems and Food Safety and Quality Management Systems. The company works to promote better understanding of these practices through provision of high quality but cost effective training, coaching and consultancy. The goal is to work with industry to implement Traceable, Sustainable Production, Social Compliance and Social Responsibility, Food safety & Quality Management practices.

While providing these services to the industry, Alstar Limited realized that supply of good quality and quantities of sustainably produced Tea is hampered by unequal distribution of information, labor, other resources and benefits within the Tea farming families.

Kenya is the world’s third largest tea producer and over 60% is produced by smallholders representing approximately 600,000 farmers. Majority of these farmers are women who do most of the production activities (about 70% of farm work) while men tend to benefit more from training in sustainable production practices as well as the income and other benefits derived from Tea and coffee sales.

Alstar limited has taken the next step and registered to be an exporter of tea with the intention to build meaningful connections between growers and consumers. The company focuses on supply of sustainably produced, safe and quality Tea. The company has invested in building direct sourcing relationships with farmers. The next step to identify and link with buyers who are willing to create shared value in sustainable production chains.

Tea trade in Kenya is male dominated affair. We do know for a fact that further up in the value chain, women are disadvantaged. Although women may be petty traders and workers in processing plants, the number of women in trading or exporting companies is limited.

We at Alstar has taken the odds to be amongst the few female commodity traders choosing to deal with direct trade rather than through the auctions. Our mission to encourage and promote women vendors to participate in international trade – leading by example.