We know who we work with, the smallholder producer groups and Hired Labor farms in Kenya producing Fairtrade and Organic Orthodox Tea. Together with these producer groups, we ensure that they put purpose and care into every significant process to produce traceable Specialty Tea. Specialty here is with reference to Fairtrade and Organic certification, Orthodox processing method Origin of the Tea which is at the slopes of Mt Kenya and highlands of Great Rift Valley.

Tea farming in Kenya is predominantly a man’s cash crop, which means he is the beneficiary of tea proceeds. The women, who in African culture is the man’s property, does majority of the work in tea farm- weeding, harvesting and delivering of the tea but proceeds goes to her husband. Our approach is to encourage gender fairness and inclusion in tea trade value chain.

Building on the principles of Fairtrade, Alstar is committed to work with smallholder farmer groups and hired labor firms to empower and encourage women to participate in programs that will enable them to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives. These include such programs as technical support income generating activities through diversification, training in leadership, organizational governance, financial literacy and project management. Alstar also work with the groups to identify gender-specific needs which hamper them from fully participating and engaging in meaningful productivity particularly issues relating to health safety and hygiene and together formulate possible solutions to address the identified needs.

The premiums accrued from trading these traceable high quality specialty (premium) tea is used to finance Gender-specific projects based on identified needs.

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